• Slow Speed? Power Cycle Radio!

    If you are noticing reduced or slow speeds the most likely solution is a power cycle of the Morenet Radio.

    You can do this by unplugging the POE brick (white or black brick with two cables – see image) from the electrical outlet for a few seconds and plugging back in.

    This is often especially important after a weather event, like a winter storm, but is important if your connection has been active for a long time (like several months).

    The POE brick looks like this:

  • Gaming, NAT, IPv4 & IPv6

    The Morenet network is compatible with all services through both IPv4 and IPv6 networking protocol by design.

    A few gaming customers have experienced issues with connectivity to specific games that do not support IPv6 networking protocol, requiring a fixed IPv4 address to operate. Morenet provides native IPv6 support to all customers; however, we can only provide static IPv4 service for an added cost.

    Please check that the games you wish to use support IPv6 and for a detailed description of this issue see here. Morenet cannot provide support for this issue.


  • Morenet WiFi Router – Password and Access

    If you purchased a Morenet WiFi router, instructions for how to access the WiFi networks are provided in the link below. The WiFi password is the portion of the serial number (located on the label on the bottom of the Morenet router) before the ‘/’.

    For more information on router selection, follow this link: Standard or WiFi Router

  • Green Zone Coverage – Challenges

    We expect that properties in the Green Zone will have excellent network coverage; however, we also expect that there will be challenges for some properties even though they are in the green zone.

    There will be some situations where a property is in the green zone but the Contractor cannot make a strong enough connection to Morenet’s network. Often this is at the edge of the green zone, but not necessarily. If there is a significant obstruction blocking access to the tower then your property may not be able to complete a direct connection.

    We’re expecting this and we have solutions. Deploying a solution for your property will not likely be complicated, but may take us some time. So if you’re not able to immediately make a connection please bear with us and we’ll solve the issue for you.

    Speak to your contractor or see the FAQ about contacting us to make sure we know where the problem is and we’ll be able to address it.

  • Support Contact

    While we do not have a traditional support model, there are still times when you’re not sure what to do and we understand that.

    Nearly every situation we’ve encountered relate to slower than expected speeds; a simple power cycle (reboot, restart) of your radio has solved it. This is the most common solution and you can find instructions for how to do that in the FAQ (note that it’s the radio, not the router).

    For persistent connection quality issues, you can reach us through our Twitter account using a Direct Message.

    You can also contact your contractor if you think there is a problem with your installation.

    Our aim is to keep the standard service as affordable as possible, but we will not leave anyone stranded.

    We are constantly evaluating our support model, so please bear with us as we continue to build Morenet.

  • Quick Reference Guide

    Sometimes it’s necessary to power cycle or reboot the Morenet hardware. This is sometimes a good first step before you call for support.

    The attached quick reference guide includes information about:

    • Power cycle and reboot the Morenet hardware;
    • Links to terms and conditons;
    • Links to support pages;
    • Links to warranty.

    MORENET Customer Guide_2018.07

    You can print this guide to keep for quick access if you wish.

  • What does a standard connection cost?

    We intend to keep a standard connection to MORENET as affordable as possible. We understand that while we do not intend to charge a monthly fee, we are not able to directly or indirectly finance the installation, so we have structured installations to keep them affordable.

    For full details about standard residential connections see here.

    For commercial connections, the same principle applies but installation is to a different standard. See here for commercial connection details.

  • When Will I Be Eligible?

    We’re working as fast as we can; however, there are several factors that affect when we can make new areas available for connection to MORENET.

    Click here for more information.

  • Certified Contractors and Installers – someone not listed on the website is trying to sell Morenet

    Morenet only permits installation of customer equipment by certified contractors; however, not all certified contractors have published their information on

    All of the Contractors listed on are certified for customer installations.

    No one can purchase the hardware from Morenet unless they have been through the certification process. Contractors who have not listed themselves on have chosen not to do so as installations are not a primary part of their business, and so do not intend to be generally available for customer installations.

    If you are uncertain about the person representing themselves as a certified Contractor, it would be best to use of those listed on our website instead.

  • I Am A Tenant, Can I Order a Connection

    It is best for a landlord to order the Morenet connection; however, if a tenant wishes to order the connection that is possible. A Contractor will usually request proof that the owner of the property authorizes the installation of Morenet’s equipment on the building, so the tenant should arrange for this before ordering.

    The tenant ordering the connection should note that relocating the Morenet connection to a new property if you move is not ideal, but possible.

    As a landlord, you should see the value of installing the Morenet connection as internet service will be available for your tenants well into the future, and it is not ideal for tenants to be thinking about removing the equipment when there is turnover in occupancy.

Our support philosophy is simply: we maintain the service, you maintain your connection.

This helps us keep the cost for the internet service low, so we don’t have to charge you monthly.

What this means:

  • We focus on keeping the internet service functioning and available to you. We regularly upgrade the software, inspect equipment, proactively monitor the network, and many other things to keep it reliable, secure, and fast. You won’t see this happening because we’re doing this in the background.
  • We provide you with resources to troubleshoot the usual problems you might experience with your connection, without having to call for help. Most problems are simple to identify and don’t require specialists to help you with.

You have these options for support:

  • Self Support
  • Specialist IT Support for configuring and fixing your devices (You Pay)
  • Contractor Support to help with your connection equipment (You Pay)
  • Morenet Support (if it is an internet service problem, we pay; if it is a problem with your connection, you pay)

Use of Morenet

See here for Morenet’s terms and use information.