Router Selection – WiFi or Non-WiFi

Morenet offers two options for routers:

  • Standard router: does not have built-in WiFi, you connect your own devices directly to one of the four available ethernet ports.
  • WiFi router: router has built-in WiFi.

If you select the WiFi router option you should understand the following:

  • You cannot customize the passcode or change any of the WiFi settings.
  • It does not include a Guest WiFi SSID.
  • The passcode is a long number, usually the serial number of the device.

The WiFi device is powerful; however, if you wish to customize settings you should consider purchasing your own WiFi router based on your preferences.

Also, please note that if you already have a WiFi router, it will will work as before but older devices may not be capable of the speed Morenet will provide you.