How to Connect – Standard Residential Connection

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A standard residential connection is a one- or two-family dwelling (like a bungalow or a duplex).

If you choose to connect to Morenet’s internet service, you must use a certified contractor. We certify private contractors for customer connection installations, so you can be confident that your installation will be affordable and efficient.

Certified contractors have appropriate safety, training, and expertise to make sure your connection works, and we audit contractors for consistency and quality. Only certified Contractors can purchase and install the equipment.

Please check HERE for eligibility before calling a Contractor.

Please do not call a contractor until you are eligible.

What to expect for installation:

  1. Confirm that you are eligible;
  2. Contact a Contractor to schedule;
  3. Contractor conducts an assessment for the best radio location on your building, length of cable to install, and location for router in your building;
  4. You indicate your router preference: non-WiFi or WiFi (see here for further information about selecting a router);
  5. Contractor completes installation and provides invoice for their services.

Additional Notes:

  • The Contractor will select the best location on your property to install the radio, which is usually on or near your roof, though sometimes the side of the building. The Contractor will select the best tower for your connection.
  • Pricing for installation is based on the equipment required for your property. The City may keep a stock of standard equipment to help control costs, and aim to provide at cost to you.
  • The cable installation is similar to a cable TV or satellite dish installation, in many cases might require drilling a hole in the side of your house. This is normal and will be done cleanly.
  • The shortest route between the radio and the router will help keep installation costs down. The Contractor will help you pick the best location.
  • You pay the Contractor directly when they have completed the work.

Help with your devices and network:

  • Your Contractor might be able to help configure your own devices for an additional fee;
  • We provide extensive support information here if you wish to configure yourself;
  • Your devices may require power cycle (turn off then back on) in order to work on the new internet service, or you might have to program the new WiFi information into your devices before they will connect;
  • If you connect using an ethernet cable directly to the router, the first 4 ports are available to you;
  • If you have your own WiFi router, please power cycle it after connecting to the new internet service;
  • You can find troubleshooting information here. Note that some older devices like WiFi routers, computers, smart televisions, smartphones, and gaming consoles may work at a lower speed then your connection is capable of.

What Will A Standard Connection Cost?

Morenet will only charge the actual cost of the hardware and installation, and to keep those costs low we aren’t charging for the shipping and customs costs. You contractor will itemize the costs for your connection, which we aim to keep at less than $400, excluding taxes.

We will monitor and review these costs as we start taking connections, but intend to keep connection to Morenet as affordable as possible for standard customers.

The current price list for a standard connection is about $390:

  • Standard Radio – $127
  • Standard Router – $101
  • Mount – $13.50
  • Cable (assume 25m) – $15.00
  • Consumables (screws, caulking, velcro, etc) Allowance – $5.00
  • Contractor Labour – $125
  • Total: $386.5 (plus taxes)

A Morenet WiFi router is approximately $75 extra.

Check your eligibility for connection