Morenet’s Logo

Morenet is a community owned internet service – one of the first of its kind, so what better way to build a community brand than having the community design the logo?

We challenged the community to express their passion for the new internet service by designing a logo and telling their story about what this service means to them. We had dozens of submissions, all of them very clearly demonstrating a passion for the beautiful place that Morden is, and how Morenet enhances our community’s quality of life. Morden is a very unique community: beautiful, welcoming, inclusive – a safe place to call home, and a vibrant place to carry out your business!

A committee of community members selected four submissions for Morden’s residents to select from by vote. The favoured submission you can now see representing Morenet on this website, and below you can read about how the designer, in her own words, came to design the logo as she did:

Morenet Logo & Design Statement

We had some exceptional designs to choose from; have a look at the other finalist submissions: