Eligibility: What Next

On 1 May 2018, MORENET began accepting orders for connections to select areas in Morden. We will continue to expand eligibility in the coming weeks and months.

MORENET is the first of its kind, and we know that there will be challenges that we couldn’t have planned for in designing and testing the system. So we are being strategic about opening new areas up for service to ensure that each new customer experiences the best of what MORENET has to offer.

Here is what to expect:

  • As of 1 May 2018, if your property is eligible, you can contact a contractor to schedule your installation;
  • We have a limited supply of hardware ready for installation (manufacturers and our team are working to prepare more hardware to keep up with demand). We have prepared the most difficult part of the installation first, so contractors can complete 90% of the installation while our team prepares the final piece of hardware you need;
  • MORENET is a live system that requires close attention as customers come online and conditions change. We are monitoring the network and making necessary adjustments to maintain a high quality of service. We have cutting-edge hardware and tools in use for this purpose.

We will expand eligibility as we expand our network coverage, and depending on contractor and hardware availability. We’re working on additional nodes to provide coverage to the rest of the City. We’re working as quickly as we can. Timing depends on regulatory approvals, which we’re doing our best to move along. We are still aiming for the end of August/September to complete coverage.

We’ve selected areas that we expect will have high connection quality right away. If we find an area with lower connection quality for some reason, we’ll figure out why and how to fix it. The MORENET team is committed to every customer having a high quality connection, and we know from real-world testing that there will be challenges (for instance, one building blocking another’s view of a MORENET node); we’re ready for them.