How to Connect – Commercial

Commercial Customers may require a consultation to assess the unique requirements of your internet service.

Please contact a Contractor to arrange the consultation.

Note that as a commercial customer you might be eligible even if the Eligibility Map does not include your property. Please contact a Contractor to confirm.

Higher connection speeds are possible using non-standard connection equipment (we have >Gigabit service already on Mornet’s network);

 For Commercial customers we intend that you will only pay what you need for a connection fee, and that may include:

  • Installing cable inside your building to provide service from a single demarcation point to other units in your building (for instance, an apartment building, residential condominium, or a commercial condo);
  • Non-standard devices like switches or routers, or a device to make a higher speed connection to Morenet;
  • Layer 2 or other service to provide networking between several buildings or sites in your company or institution (schools, for instance);

You are a commercial customer if you meet any of these criteria:

  • Your building has multiple units, like an apartment building, or commercial condominium for instance;
  • You meet commercial building classifications according to the building code;
  • You require a higher connection speed or have specialized internet service requirements other than that published on Morenet’s website.