Welcome to Morenet! Here you’ll find some basic information about the service. Check out our other pages for more details.

  • Service is based on a 5G internet service.
  • A dense network of connection points ensures quality of service and redundancy.
  • Successfully tested in Morden, we know it works.
  • Operated and maintained by experts in internet service.
  • Goal is the most efficient, quality, and affordable service.
  • Service is at no ongoing monthly charge to Morden taxpayers. If it is ever necessary to charge a monthly or annual fee for service, Council intends it to be not-for-profit.
  • There are no data limits on usage, we base the service on a reasonable and fair usage policy.
  • Our beautiful trees are not a problem for the service.
  • It is your choice to connect, you are free to use any internet service provider that suits your needs.

The City considers internet an important service to our local economy. Rather than relying on private companies to provide the service, we decided not to leave our future in their hands.

Our approach is unique, reduces the cost of service, allows immediate deployment without disrupting streets or waiting for construction crews to get to you. We maintain a low operational cost by putting as much information in your hands as possible, making service and support available on a pay-per use fee rather than through ongoing monthly payments.

We expect to have 100% eligibility coverage for the City by Autumn 2018. Our Consulting Team and Engineering Department are working diligently on permits, designs, and construction plans to have all equipment operational, ready for you to connect.