Welcome to MORENET! We're busy getting the final touches ready to start customer orders on 1 May 2018. We're hearing a lot of excitement and a lot of questions, so please be patient, read through our website and check back regularly as we're updating content.

MORENET is a high speed wireless internet service provided as a City of Morden service, with no ongoing monthly fees.

The service model is like other City utility services: the City provides brings the service near your property; you, the Customer make the connection.

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How to Connect

Each Customer pays for their own connection to MORENET using approved hardware, installed by approved Contractors.

There are no ongoing fees to MORENET for City of Morden taxpayers service after connecting. You are responsible for maintaining your connection, MORENET is responsible for providing and maintaining the Internet Service.

  • Am I Eligible

    Am I Eligible

    Our aim is that every property is eligible by Autumn 2018. We are still installing hardware to bring the service to every property in Morden.

    Please check here to determine if your property is eligible and, if so, to arrange for your connection.

  • Technical Support


    To keep costs low, we have an extensive support page for you to troubleshoot the usual issues and where to go for help.

    We will post service notifications here.

    More information here

  • Get Connection

    Get Connection