Use the map to determine if your property is eligible to connect to MORENET. If you are eligible, please Contact a Contractor to arrange installation.

We intend for every property to be eligible by Autumn 2018; we’ll provide UPDATES on our website and TWITTER when new areas are available.

Click image for the coverage area

If you are not yet eligible, please be patient. We expect demand to be high and we are committed to getting every interested property connected as quickly as possible.

Our plan is to open new areas for connection as soon as possible. This will depend on hardware availability, contractor availability, and the data we collect from the first round of installations. We’ll keep you updated on progress here. We’re the first to do this, so we are learning and adjusting as we go, thanks for your patience!

Please note: connection quality, even in the green zones, can be affected by several factors. If your connection quality is low or your contractor is not immediately successful connecting you, don’t worry. Direct message us at our Twitter feed, or have your contractor contact us directly and we’ll assess your situation. We will find a solution for every customer.

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Please note that connecting to Morenet is entirely your choice.